2016 Recital Gallery

2016 Naples Piano Studio Recital Participants:
3pm Group 2016

3:00pm Group – 2016 – Students of Naples Piano Studio

1pm Group 2016

1:00pm Group – 2016 – Students of Naples Piano Studio

11am Group 2016

11:00am Group – 2016 – Students of Naples Piano Studio

The 2016 recital was held on Saturday May 21st.   There were close to 60 children from the Naples/Collier County area who gave a presentation of their work.   It turned out to be a marvelous event, as everyone was so extremely well prepared.   All the hard work was well worth it, as each student came away from their performances with such a positive feeling of accomplishment.

Our goal as teachers is to foster within our students a sense of self confidence, so that they may play a strong and polished performance.   This skill will have enormous value that goes beyond piano, and they will carry it with them through out their lives.

The teachers would like to thank all the parents for allowing us the wonderful opportunity to teach your children!

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